Rotary Youth Exchange Program

The purpose of the Rotary Youth Exchange program is to provide high school students, usually Juniors, Seniors, or recently graduated Seniors, younger than 19 years old, with the opportunity to travel abroad, live with host families, and experience life firsthand in a different country, school and social environment.  Annually Rotary District 5110 Youth Exchange Committee sends over 30-40 students outbound to other countries. In turn, District clubs host over 30-40 in-bound exchange students. 

It is said that the Rotary Youth Exchange program is far and away the best exchange program. Students and parents interested in the Rotary Youth Exchange program must first contact the local Rotary club. After being directed to do so by a local Rotarian they should to go  to download information and complete an application form. The completed form should be returned to the Rotary club. Interested students and parents will be interviewed on a local and District level. 

The District Youth Exchange Committee makes the final decision on which students will be considered for the outbound program, and assigns the students to countries – usually one of three countries in which the student shows an interest.

The student’s family is responsible for all travel expenses, health insurance through the District and spending money for the student. The student will live with 2-4 families during their 10 month exchange.

The "host" Rotary club will usually give the student a small allowance to cover some expenses. They will attend school, be encouraged to participate in school, Rotary club and community activities and are expected to adhere to specific rules which include:

  • No driving of motor vehicles
  • No illegal use of drugs or alcohol
  • Obtaining special permission for travel outside of the local area while on the exchange
  • No romantic involvement or sexual activity during the exchange
Club Leaders