Cell Phone Recycling


The Rotary Club of Sunriver-La Pine endeavors to create a win/win situation by collecting unused cell phones and putting them to good use while keeping them out of the waste stream of landfills.

The cell phones we collect are utilized for 911 purposes in the United States, redeployed nationwide, and used in developing countries to improve quality of life through better communication. Phones that we collect that utilize older technologies or are not functional will be recycled in accordance with EPA standards. This keeps the phones and harmful materials they contain, out of our landfills.

We ship all collected cell phones to the Pace Butler Corporation, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To learn more about their recycling efforts, check them out www.PaceButler.com

  • Please feel to let us know if you have an unused cell phone, hidden somewhere in your home or office drawers or cabinets.
  • Please let your friends, relatives, associates know about our efforts and have them contact us if they have any cell phones we can recycle.
  •  We can also supply you with very nice looking "Donation Boxes" that you can place at your business, office, etc. to collect cell phones from others.
  •  We only need the cell phones, chargers and other accessories are not needed, but we will accept and recycle them as well.
  • Again -- Do Not worry if they are in working order...we still accept them and they will be recycled at Pace Butler.                  

CELL PHONE Publicity Flyer.


Please contact Roger Smith 541-788-3083 or 541-593-1756  about donating your cell phones or locations you can drop them off at.


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